Perks of Motorcycle Insurance Into Autumn

  • Verify that your coverage is current: Though it sounds obvious, it’s a good practice to double check the expiration date of your policy before beginning a period of heavy riding. Be aware that some insurers have layaway periods during the changing seasons in which coverage might be restricted. If you like to ride in the cooler months, check with your insurer to see if your policy contains similar limitations.
  • Keep your policy up-to-date: Inform your insurer of any changes such as additional riders, a change of address, or a new bike purchase. A quick call will take care of these instances.
  • Cover custom parts and equipment: If you’ve installed chrome plating or given your bike a custom paint job, it’s likely that the value of your motorcycle will increase. Be sure to add these upgrades to your policy to ensure complete coverage in the event of theft or a collision.
  • Drop unnecessary coverage: Older bikes may not need as much coverage as you’re currently paying for. It’s recommended that you consider eliminating collision coverage if that premium equates to ten percent of your motorcycle’s market value. In this case, it may be cheaper to pay for repairs out-of-pocket in the event of an accident than to continue paying the monthly collision premium.
  • Raise your deductible: By raising your deductible to the maximum amount you can afford if filing a claim, your premiums will decrease and you can save money every month.
  • Check for discounts: Call your independent insurance agent to ask if you are eligible for any discounts that may be available. Remember that prices can vary widely between companies. Your agent can shop around for you and review quote comparisons to ensure that you’re getting the best deal.
  • Motorcycle insurance specialization: Some insurers specialize in motorcycle insurance. These companies understand your particular needs and offer specialized coverage designed for motorcyclists and their bikes. Ask your independent agent if one of these insurers is a good match for you.